DNP Insert


Our cryostat inserts polarize substrates using dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP), and enable a rapid-transfer in the solid-state, followed by dissolution with minimal dilution.

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Injection Dock

Injection Dock

Our injection dock loads 5 mm NMR tubes with aqueous solutions in 500 ms. The injection dock is compatible with both conventional dissolution-DNP and bullet-DNP.

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Parahydrogen Generator

A low-cost small foot-print para-hydrogen generator for use with liquid nitrogen or helium flow cryostats.

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Bullet-DNP. Fast and scalable dissolution-DNP. Affordable.

Our bullet-DNP systems can be retro-fitted into HyperSense® systems or used in conjunction with cold bore magnets or with readily available flow and bath cryostats.

Bullet-DNP facilitates rapid dissolution of small samples at minimal dilution. Liquid-state 13C polarization levels of 30% have been achieved, with less than 10-fold dilution and only 700 µL of solvent.

See our recent Nature Communications article for further details: DOI.

The inserts are modular, and modules for different nuclei are readily exchanged. Double-resonant versions are under development.

Cernox® sensors and Allen-Bradley sensors to measure temperature and helium level are available, along with affordable controllers.

Sample ejection is fully automated.

Magnetic tunnels to connect the DNP insert to the injection dock are available.

Download the DNP leaflet here.

HyperSense is a registered trademark of Oxford Instruments Molecular Biotools Ltd. Cernox is a registered trademark of Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.

DNP Insert - Bottom Part

Injection-Dock. Injection of aqueous and organic solvents within 500 ms.

The injection dock, developed for bullet-DNP, loads aqueous samples into a 3 mm flow NMR tube within less than 500 ms, and achieves a 13C resolution of 3 Hz in a 400 MHz magnet.

It fits into narrow-bore magnets, and features a solvent reservoir with temperature control, and a pneumatically actuated valve that is opened to release the solution into the NMR tube.

The injection dock can stay in the magnet for automatic cleaning.

The injection dock is compatible also with conventional dissolution-DNP. A controller with open source firmware and serial/ethernet interface is available.

Download the DNP leaflet here.

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Parahydrogen Generator. Low-cost parahydrogen for anyone.

Our low-cost, co-axial parahydrogen generators work with liquid nitrogen as an economic coolant, but can be combined with flow cryostats or cold heads if the highest enrichment of parahydrogen is required. Parahydrogen can be generated continuously at high flow rates, or stored for later use.

  • Pressure Rating: 9 or 13 bar
  • Full Conversion Efficiency at a flow rate of 5 standard litres / minute
  • Swagelok PRV Safety Relief Valve
  • Small Footprint: 30 cm x 40 cm
  • Portable: Weight (with stand) 20 kg
  • Option: KF50 flange for long-term operation in large nitrogen dewar

Download the leaflet here.

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Bubbling Unit. Controlled from your pulse sequence.

The bubbling unit features four Swagelok® membrane valves that are in turn controlled from FESTO pilot valves. The valves can be controlled via TTL signals, which can be defined inside yor pulse sequence. By connecting nitrogen and parahydrogen, the solution can be bubbled with parahydrogen, or with a mixture of parahydrogen and nitrogen.

  • Four channels with LED indicators and Push-Button overrides.
  • Adjustable polarity
  • Adjustable relief valve
  • Compatible with BNC input signals
  • Compatible with Bruker® NEO console (RCP)

Swagelok is a registered trademark of Swagelok Company. Bruker is a registered trademark of Bruker-Physik AG.

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Tube Assembly. No leaks. Guaranteed.

The tube assembly for parahydrogen experiments is designed to interface directly to the bubbling unit.

  • PEEK body and PTFE gasket for great chemical compatibility
  • Check valve to enable application of back pressure
  • IDEX® compression fittings
  • Wilmad® QPV NMR tube 7"

Wilmad is a registered trademark of SP Industries Inc. IDEX is a registered trademark of IDEX Corporation.

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Pilot Valve controller. Switch your valves your way.

A convenient way to control a FESTO pilot valve island. Our software (compatible with Linux, Windows, and MacOS) allows you to define any sequence of pilot valve switches and trigger signals. The controller then plays it at a push of a button or a console signal.

A sequence consists of an arbitrary number of intervals with individually defined durations. Each valve or TTL signal has a defined ON/OFF state in each interval.

The controller can be configured to support AWGs for zero- and ultra-low-field experiments.


Custom setups. Made to measure.

Experiment automation that fworks: Bubbling and sample shuttling between multiple locations. Low dead volume valves and lines. Fully automated setup using our pilot valve controller.

We design, build and deliver a bespoke systems that allow you to run the experiments you want. .